CMMS for GAAP and Cash Based Businesses.

Modular by Design

Modules compliment both Cash and GAAP based processes which enables effective asset information reporting.

Basic Module

Assets, Workorders, Scheduling Calendar, Employee Schedules, Alerts, GPS Maps, and exportable reports to Excel.

Additional Modules

Perpetual Inventory, Purchasing, Contracts, Bids, Change Orders, Projects, Authorizations, Barcodes, and Asset Routes"

Cloud Based Application

Cloud based software simplifies 'Asset Management', allowing you to concentrate on infrastructure maintenance.

easyOPS Modules

easyOPS is modular to best fit the way you perform maintenance.

Work Orders

Schedule your entire fiscal year with standard work.
  • Assign workorders to assets individually or in routes
  • Capture true costs of labor, materials, and equipment
  • Automatically track costs assigned to budget accounts
  • Visually control the schedule with a dynamic calendar
  • Set standard work time to each jobtype


Inventory management & Purchasing.

  • Vendor management through purchase orders
  • Set auto alerts for minimum stock levels
  • Configure warehouses with sub-locations, racks, and bins
  • Print barcodes and scan the materials into workorders
  • Easily track mobile inventory and tools on service trucks

Calendar Schedules

Scheduling workorders is easy with a dynamic calendar.

  • Daily alerts for overdue workorders
  • Default Monthly, Weekly, and Daily views by choice.
  • Create workorders from the Calendar or the work order form
  • Worktype is shown on each work order on the calendar
  • Clickable, Draggable, Dynamic Scheduling


Assets organized by dept, sub-dept, class, and type.

  • Assets are searchable in dynamic datatables for quick access
  • Organized into Department, sub_department, Class, and Type
  • Capital equipment is part of the asset catalog
  • Assets can be arranged by 'Plat' for better cost analysis
  • Assets given latitude and longitude GPS values for Maps

GPS Asset Mapping

Scheduling workorders is easy with a dynamic calendar.

  • All assets must have lat & long entered
  • Viewed singly or as a set of icons in a route
  • Standard, Satellite, Zoomed, and Street view
  • Maps can be printed for field reference
  • Ctl-Mouse Scroll zooms in/out

Report Writer

Export report Views to Excel for further analysis.

  • Report Writer quickly exports data to MS Excel
  • Reports can be linked as ODBC updatable Excel workbooks
  • Access to views are given to users through permissions
  • Reports can be requested as views by the clients of easyOPS
  • ODBC data links suport updateable charts in Excel reports

Applications are powered by open source software...the same software that is used by major social media such as Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

James Miller

CEO Core Data Analytics

Open Source software allows the maximum flexibility for creating applications in the 'Cloud'. Current trends are for business applications to be hosted in highly scalable and secure servers. This provides the maximum connectivity and availability possible.

James Miller

CEO, Core Data Analytics

Core Data can customize our standard applications to cost effecitivley build database driven applications for almost any business situation.

James Miller

CEO, Core Data Analytics

Our team

Our team maintains an effective mix of development experience and seasoned leadership.

James Miller
Database Engineer & Web Development

He gains inspiration for asset and operations management from a unique combination of public works management in WA state , and a career with Boeing developing strategies for process improvements. Our software is based on this experience and the demand for easy to use open source applications.

Tye Lucas
Web Development & Design

He covers the technical engineering for our development with over 20 years experience in the IT world keeping clients businesses running smoothly on the Internet. His knowledge of open source programming drives the critical development quality in our applications.

Pamela Leslie
Sales & Marketing

She has experience as an entrepreneur, teacher, coach, and as the executive director of a nationwide non-profit organization. Her experience in self-governance is critical in the understanding of a client's demand for meeting citizen's needs.

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